August 17, 2020


Hassan Riggs

5 Podcasts Every Realtor Must Listen To... And Counting (Updated Regularly)

5 podcast to help you grow your real estate business

Podcasting has really taken off over the last 5 years, I remember a time (2014) when we podcasts just seemed like the digital alternative to ham radio broadcasts.

Fast forward to today and podcasting has fully planted itself in the mainstream with one study showing a third of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last 30 Days. 

And if you didn’t know about podcasts before then the $100 Million deal Joe Rogan signed with Spotify has definitely brought the medium to your attention.

Simply put a podcast is a radio show that you stream directly to your phone or computer. They come in many shapes, sizes, and genres from true crime to purely educational.

Between showings, appointments, and inspections all over the place Realtors spend a lot of time in their car. Talk radio is boring and has too many commercials. Music is great but doesn’t really do anything for you and your business.

That’s why we think podcasts should be both entertaining and informative enough to have a tangible impact on your business.

So we’ve gone ahead and picked the 53 podcasts that you should listen to this week, just play one episode of each and you’ll definitely want to subscribe.

  1.  Bigger Pockets Podcast

Hosted By: Brandon Turner and David Greene

Topic: Real Estate Investing

Why we love it: Many of the prospecting methods that the investors interviewed on Bigger Pockets use to find off-market properties can easily be used by Realtors to get more listings. 

Bigger Pockets is one of the best resources for residential investors, listening to a few episodes will inevitably make you feel smarter and more like a housing expert. 

You’ll hear hot takes on everything from the market factors affecting home prices to practical tips for winning more listings.

  1.  Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg

Hosted By: Neil Mathweg

Topic: Advice for growing your real estate business

Why we love it: Neil is a great real estate coach who focuses on helping agents stand out in their market by leveraging new and proven tactics.

The fact that Neil somehow manages to deliver several pieces of actionable advice every single week is just impressive! 

Moreover, these aren’t your run of the mill “talk to your sphere” tactics. No Neil strives to deliver out of the box marketing to help agents differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Neil was one of the first coaches to really get a handle on how agents can leverage client events to drive predictable growth, check out episode 193 for more on that.

  1.  The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Hosted By: Tom Ferry

Topic: Growing your business

Why we love it: Extremely high-quality guests.

There’s no denying, Tom Ferry is the single most famous coach in real estate. With that fame comes the ability to land massive guests. The likes of which you won’t catch on any other podcast. 

From thought leaders like Gary Vaynerchuck to billion-dollar agents like Mauricio Umansky. The Tom Ferry podcast does not disappoint.

As an added bonus, being the top coach in real estate puts Tom right on the cutting edge of the industry so this podcast is an awesome place to pick up some high tech lead gen ideas.

  1. The One Thing Podcast

Hosted By: Geoff Woods

Topic: Gaining clarity and prioritizing

Why we love it: Each episode is like a mini therapy session.

The One Thing is based on the book by the same name, and it centers around a powerfully simple concept; being more productive is not about doing more it’s about focusing your effort on the things that will have the biggest impact.

What really makes this podcast a winner is Geoff’s amazing commitment to transparency. Trying to find and keep focus is incredibly hard and instead of taking on the role of a master, Geoff shares his experiences as a fellow student on the path to self-mastery.

  1. The Team Building Podcast

Hosted By: Jeff Cohn

Topic: Growing a high production Real Estate Team

Why we love it: Jeff Cohn is not just a “Coach” he runs a massive team.

As far as real-life experience on building a team goes, Jeff is in a league of his own. Having run the #1 Largest team at one of the nation’s largest brokerages and selling over $1 Billion in real estate.

When Jeff shares advice on his podcast it’s not theory, it’s coming from experience.

The Next Great Real Estate Podcast: Ours? 

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So we’re spending hours and hours listening to the best shows out there in an effort to bring a premium podcast to life. You know, competitive market research. 

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