November 18, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

6 Real Estate YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching

How many times has it happened to you?

You call a seemingly interested lead to offer assistance and you either never make contact with them or you do but they don’t end up working with you?

Instead, they work with another agent in town. 

What gives? 

You’re a smart and successful real estate agent. Why did the lead go with someone else over you?

There are several factors that influence what agent a lead decides to work with, such as:

  • Speed to lead - who reached out first?
  • Liking - Did they like someone else more?
  • Influence - Is there a more well-known agent in town?
  • Expertise - Did they find someone with more perceived expertise?

The list of possibilities could go on. 

So how do you set yourself apart? How do you become the real estate agent that these leads work with?

If you’ve been around Smart Alto’s blog enough, you know we already spend a lot of time talking about speed to lead. Many of our posts talk about how important this factor truly is. 

Here are two quick reads:

But speed to lead is just one piece, though a very big piece, to the puzzle. In this business you can’t forget that other factors matter. 

The Other Stuff Matters

Even though speed to lead is incredibly important when it comes to follow-up, it doesn’t negate the impact of influence, liking, and expertise. 

People like doing business with people they like. It’s that simple. 

So the question becomes how do you influence someone to like you before they’ve even met or interacted with you?

You can do it by leveraging: 

  • Social Proof 
  • Rapport
  • Expertise

You can establish social proof by having your previous clients rate and review your services. Most people nowadays spend time looking at reviews before committing to using any product or service. 

Rapport and Expertise can be established by being an active member in the community whether in person or online. 

In-person is great but doesn’t help if the lead isn’t active in the community as well. That’s why creating an online presence can be so valuable. 

Think about it…

If a lead comes across your name on a listing or on your website they may decide to do a quick google search to learn more about you. 

What if while searching they stumble across some of your videos on Facebook or on Youtube? What if they find that you’re pretty active on Instagram or TikTok? The lead now has the opportunity to engage with you prior to the meeting or even speaking with you. 

You can leverage platforms like youtube to share your knowledge, expertise, build rapport, and ultimately help people like you before ever meeting you.  

Below you’ll find a list of six real estate agents that are using video to create community, establish their expertise, and gain influence in their markets. 

The List

The people we’ve selected don’t have huge followings. The follower count isn’t important when your focus is creating and having influence in your local community.

These community influencers create content that helps make them relatable, approachable and establishes their expertise in both real estate and their area. 

Luna Ge

Market - Philadelphia, PA

Channel - Luna Ge Real Estate

Instagram - @lunaroxxs

Mark McClinchie

Market - Pittsburgh, PA

Channel - Mark Knows Pittsburgh

Instagram - @markmcclinchie

Jackson Wilkey

Market - Portland, OR

Channel - Channel Junkies: Youtube for Real Estate

Instagram - @jacksonw_youtuber

Danielle Lazier

Market - San Francisco, CA

Channel - Danielle Lazier Real Estate Agents San Francisco

Instagram - @daniellelazier

Caitlin McKeague

Market - Phoenix, AZ

Channel - Caitlin McKeague - Your Pheonix Real Estate Agent

Instagram - @yourphoenixrealestateagent

Justin Lee

Market - Atlanta, GA

Channel - The Realtor Justin

Instagram - @therealtorjustinlee

To Sum It Up

If you’re a real estate agent that wants to maximize your income earning potential then you want to consider how you can convert more leads. 

Speed to lead is an important part of the equation and creating influence in your community can help bolster your business. 

There are going to be people that look for and value things like:

  • Social Proof 
  • Rapport
  • Expertise

Why not give yourself the advantage by using video?

Could creating an online presence and community help you get more business in your market? 

If you’re tired of real estate leads ghosting you or working with other agents in your market then perhaps using video to establish social proof, build rapport, and establish your expertise could help you gain influence and become the go-to agent in your market. 

What do you think? Who is the well-known agent in your market? Are they creating video content online? 

Let us know. 

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Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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