January 21, 2021


Hassan Riggs

Better Than Email Campaigns - Covert More By Texting Real Estate Leads

How to make texting real estate leads your secret weapon this year

It seems like every CRM these days boasts about their “Email Marketing” capabilities; “We’ve got merge-tags”, “Bulk Sending”, “Automation”, etc.

It always leaves me with the same thought; people who find their Realtor through cold emails have to be the same people who fall for Nigerian-Prince-Scams.

Think of your experience as a consumer when is the last time you read an email that made you go “Wow, I gotta buy this product”? It just doesn’t happen anymore.

Not to mention that as Realtors the name of the game is dialogue. Have you ever responded to a marketing email...ever?

I honestly can’t think of a single time that a marketing email has gotten me to respond, in this industry if you can’t get a simple response from your leads, you’re as good as broke.

Now, I’m not trying to say that Email doesn’t have it’s place in Real Estate. I’m simply saying that Email’s place in Real Estate is as far away from lead conversion as it can possibly be.

Emails are great for communicating during escrow and the occasional follow up with a loan processor to get a status update and similar clerical tasks.

But when it comes to lead conversion, you’re going to need something much more powerful than email, you’re going to need the strongest lead conversion channel in the business… something that nearly everyone has access to pretty much all of the time, a tool that guarantees your message is read within 90 seconds of delivery.

You Need To Text Real Estate Leads

When we’re talking about lead conversion, we absolutely need to be talking about text messaging.

Like I said before, your main goal when reaching out to a new lead is not to “build name recognition” like some email companies might lead you to believe, your first/ biggest/ most important goal when you get a new lead is just to get a response.

Think of lead conversion as climbing a staircase where every stair is a more engaging form of communication, you can’t ever climb the stairs if you never get a response.

Now before you start saying that your clients are too old-school for text messaging and prefer a good old fashion phone call...or worse email.

Keep in mind that these days pretty much everyone prefers text messages, especially when it’s a conversation they didn’t have planned. It’s just so much easier to carry on with your day when texting.

P.S. anyone who tells you they prefer email, really means they prefer to ignore you.

We’ve found that with the rise of robocalls over the last few years, text messaging is the last remaining place that people will consistently review nearly 100% of their messages within just a few minutes.

Phone manufacturers know how much people hate phone calls. So now they’ve made it easy to click a button and simply silence unknown callers.

With text messaging, unlike emails, when the other person responds you’ll get a notification directly on your phone's lock screen making it effortless to carry on a conversation with your soon to be Realtor while you stand in line at the grocery store.

What About “Automation”

Some of you might have read this article thinking “Sure, text messaging is smarter but my email campaigns are fully automated”.

To which I say, “Hi, we’re Smart Alto. The smartest text messaging based virtual real estate ISA’s in all of Real Estate”.

We’ve built a system that allows our real-human ISA’s to respond to your leads in 5 minutes or less every single time.

Oh and if your lead doesn’t respond the first time, they’ll get several more messages from our ISA in the following days because we’ve studied the data and we know that a minimum of 6 messages is required to guarantee the highest chance of connection.

We also train those ISAs to use cutting edge scripts and low-friction questions that pretty much guarantee we’ll get a response from your leads.

(Wanna know more about real estate scripts? Steal the best real estate lead follow up script to qualify buyers and turn them into appointments). 

The coolest part?

We don’t stop once we’ve gotten a response, we keep going to help qualify your leads in a super comfortable way and tee you up to close them by ...get this… setting a 15 Minute phone appointment with your leads directly on your calendar!

That’s right! If automation is what you want, how about a system that consistently turns your leads into warm phone appointments that you’re fully prepared to close?

Smart Alto is the best because we built it that way. Seriously, we can start setting appointments for you by the end of the day tomorrow. 

Schedule a demo to find out how.

Hassan Riggs

Founder at Smart Alto and former real estate ISA who has set 10,000 appointments.

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