May 13, 2020


Hassan Riggs

Email is Dead But Text Message is Alive

Text messages get the highest engagement rate because people are always on their mobile phone.

Text messages get the highest engagement rate because people are always on their mobile phone.

When was the last time you got a 50 percent open rate from your emails? I'm not talking about a response where I'm talking about an open rate. When is the last time 50 percent of the people you called answered the phone? Past clients, friends, family leads. When was the last time that happened? It probably hasn’t. 

The reality is, it's because consumer behavior has changed. Not just in beautiful San Diego, where I am today, and not just in your local market, but all around the globe. 

Consumer behavior has changed and people have moved from long sessions of sitting down at a desktop computer at their laptop to short more frequent sessions on their mobile phone. 

That's why mobile gets the best engagement results on Facebook Messenger, Facebook, mobile, Instagram, Snapchat. Consumer behavior is why all these platforms get the highest engagement rates. 

Text message is latest in innovation for lead follow’s why

So if you're still doing business today the same way you did five, 10 or 15 years ago and you're wondering why your conversion rates have shrunk, it might be because you’re using antiquated follow or engagement platforms. (like email)

If you’re not closing deals at the rate you used to, and are wondering why that’s happening, it’s because the market has shifted around you and you haven’t. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you adjusted your strategy lately? 
  • Have you tried to optimize your lead flow?
  • Have you made business adjustments with the behaviors of buyers lately?
  • Do you know which of your leads are hot or warm?

If you’re answering yes to these, the problem is likely that you are not using a real time messaging platform. If your current system doesn’t give you up to date information on real time messaging, you’re behind. 

A real time messaging platform not only shows you behavior, it also shows you what people are thinking. 

Speed is critical in getting leads in your pipeline.

When a new lead comes through, if you're not calling that person within two minutes, you're losing. If your current lead follow up platform doesn’t alert you to call a lead within a few minutes, you’re behind. 

There are a unique set of challenges to this though. You're not going to call someone at 2:00 in the morning and you can't call someone when you're with another client. 

What do you do with a new lead that comes in while you’re on a family vacation? Or can’t get to a phone? You’re probably missing out on an opportunity. 

Another area to easily miss opportunities in is consistent follow up. Once you’ve got a full leads pipeline it’s difficult to remember to follow up with everyone consistently. The thing is, the market does care that you woke up in a stuffy mood. The market doesn't care that you have other client appointments. The market doesn't care about any of that stuff that you're dealing with. 

The person in the market who's looking to find a home or sell a home, they will do it with you. 

You need to be on top of your game, messaging them, communicating with them and following up with them. The problem is that talking to leads isn’t the highest value activity in your business. The highest value thing you can do is talk to clients, not talking to inbound leads who may or may not be ready to buy in three, maybe six, maybe nine months. 

The most successful agents focus on the highest value things they can do and outsource everything else, including lead follow up. 

If you don't change how you operate, then you will get left by the market because people’s behavior is changing. The market has changed. It has shifted. 

We love working with people who are doing well and trying to do better. Give us a call if you want to learn how to automate the lead process with the best tool for 2020, text messaging.

Hassan Riggs
Hassan is the CEO and Co-founder of Smart Alto

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