May 13, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Hire A Real Estate ISA vs. Real Estate ISA Company

What’s the right solution for your business

The leads are pouring in. You’re meeting with clients, writing contracts, attending showings, closings and making sure your clients are well cared for. 


You’re running out of time. 

With your business booming like it is, you’re struggling to get back to all of your incoming leads. 

You know you’re leaving money on the table because you’re not able to get back to people quickly enough, but you also know you can’t ignore the business you already have. 

You’re feeling overwhelmed...


And you’re not quite sure how much longer you can keep it all going by yourself.

You know you need to bring on help, but you’re not sure of the best option. 

Should you hire a Real Estate Inside Sales Agent (ISA), or should you hire a Real Estate ISA Company to follow up with your leads?

You want to act quickly, but you don’t want to rush into a decision without being informed. You want to make the right decision for your growing business. 

At Smart Alto, we understand the value of having the right people on your team. We are a real estate ISA company that has logged some serious time getting online real estate leads to respond and booking 15-minute appointments with our clients. 

Needless to say, we’ve hired a few people to do this job. 

So let’s break down what you need to look for and how to discern whether a Real Estate ISA or a Real Estate ISA Company is the way to go. 

Consider Availability

Whether you’re considering a real estate ISA vs. a Real Estate ISA Company, availability to respond to leads is crucial. 

You want to maximize output while mitigating wasted time. 

If you hire an in-house ISA, what will their job and time expectations be? 

  • Will they be part-time or full-time?
  • How will they follow up with incoming leads?
  • Do they work a set number of hours each day, or do they respond as leads come in?
  • How many times are they expected to reach out to someone? 

This list only scratches the surface. There are a lot of things to consider when hiring an ISA. 

You already know that time is crucial when it comes to lead follow-up. If you don’t respond within the first 5 minutes of receiving an online real estate lead, the lead is 10x less likely to respond. 

That's huge!

If you hire an in-house ISA, they will likely work normal business hours which means that they won’t be available to respond to those leads coming in at 3AM. 

So you’re still leaving money on the table. 

The benefit of a real estate ISA company, like Smart Alto, is that we have staff available 24/7/365 to respond to your incoming leads.  

That means that while you’re sleeping at 3AM, our ISAs are responding to your lead that just clicked on your Facebook Ad at 3AM while they were cruising Facebook because they are struggling to fall asleep. 

An in-house ISA won’t be able or willing to do that for your business. 

Cost of Training

Pay attention because this is a big one. 

When deciding whether you should hire an ISA or an ISA Company, like Smart Alto, one of the most significant factors that many forget to consider is the cost of training. 

When we talk about the cost of training, we don’t just mean the monetary cost, right?

  • How much are you going to pay the person?
  • Do you have to run ads on job boards?
  • How will you incentivize them?

We are also talking about the time investment. You need to:

  • Create a job listing and responsibilities, 
  • Post the job, 
  • Review applications, 
  • Respond to applicants, 
  • Interview, 
  • Hire, 
  • On-board,
  • Train, and 
  • Continue to observe and provide feedback

And did we mention you need to do all of this while you continue with your current workload and continue some lead follow-up, so your pipeline doesn’t dry up while you’re getting your new ISA up to snuff?

You’re already strapped for time. How are you going to fit all of that in with your already hectic workload? 

What if the person doesn’t work out? What if they never generate quality leads for you and decide to move on to another job opportunity? 

Now you have to rinse and repeat the whole process and start again. 

Not to mention that in order to have 24/7 availability you would need to hire 4 ISAs. If you pay each ISA $3000 per month, that’s $12000 per month. 

That $12,000 ensures you have someone available to respond to your leads 24/7. That’s a lot of money that you could put into other areas of your business. 

If you hire a real estate ISA company, like Smart Alto, we do all of that and you never have to worry about it. 

All it takes is about one business day to get you up and running and for our ISAs to start responding to your leads. 

That’s it. 

Personal Touch

You need someone that can do what you do or do it better than you can as your ISA. 

If you’re hiring an in-house ISA, you will likely be working with someone with little to no experience following up with real estate leads. 

Sure, they may have sales experience, but do they have sales experience in real estate?

(If they do, they’re probably getting some work experience with the goal of being an agent.)

That means that you will have to train and coach them on having successful conversations with real estate leads. 

Your ISA will need

All of which are difficult to train. 

Your ISA needs a personal touch. They need to know how to engage leads to get them to respond. 

Once a lead responds, they need to know how to get the lead to keep responding, establish some qualifying information and set a 15-minute appointment to follow up with you if the lead is a good fit. 

In-house ISAs and other ISA companies fall short because they lack the finesse and personal touch needed to connect with and convert leads.

Your business is booming now! 

You need an ISA Company (and not one that uses AI or chatbots) that has real people on the other end of these conversations, that can get responses from your leads and convert them into 15-minute appointments on your calendar. 

It could take your inside ISA 5 months or more to get to that point. You don’t have that kind of time. 

You Need Aces in Their Places

Maybe you have the perfect candidate for an ISA already lined up, in which case, hire them. If they can be up and running and meet your business needs, hire them. 

You should Download The Ultimate Checklist for Hiring a Real Estate ISA.

But, if you’re slightly skeptical and curious about an ISA company, you should at least book a demo with us. 

At Smart Alto, we have a network of actual human ISAs in both the US and UK and can route your leads to an available ISA (a human, not a bot or AI) instantly, regardless of the time of day. Your in-house ISA won’t be (and shouldn't be) available 24/7/365. 

By hiring Smart Alto, you can save $37,000 - $53,000 annually. That doesn’t even take into account your time. That’s just the cost of paying and incentivizing your in-house ISA. 

Think about all of the things you could do with that money. You could reinvest that in your marketing and ad spend to generate more leads and continue to grow your business. 

Do you want to grow even more? There’s the money you do it with. 

Let our team of trained experts help you grow your business. 

Book a demo today. 

Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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