February 6, 2018


Hassan Riggs

How To Target Growing Families

New parents are a hot demographic for Realtors®, because babies move people.

In my last post, I showed you how to reach newlyweds with your Facebook real estate ads. This time, let’s look at another demographic worth targeting: homeowners with growing families.

Meeting Buyers at Their Next Life Stage

Unlike most newlyweds, many couples who are having children or whose children are getting older already own a home. But they’re realizing that the modest home they bought after getting married just isn’t enough anymore.

And it’s not just couples with a baby on the way whose one-bedroom place is starting to look like tight squeeze. Parents might need to upgrade as their kids get older, too. Now that their toddler is running around, they’re looking for a house that can accommodate a playroom. They want a backyard so their school-aged kids have a safe place to go wild. Or they have teenagers who are getting too old to still be sharing a bedroom.

Each of these upgrades can translate into profit if you’re the realtor who facilitates them. Luckily for you, getting your Facebook ads in front of these homebuyers couldn’t be easier.

Customizing Your Ad Set to Target Growing Families

Delivering your Facebook ads to growing families only takes a few quick steps.

Targeting Parents

Start by opening the Audience section for your Ad Set.


Once you’ve set your location and age range, scroll down to Detailed Targeting.

First, you’ll want to narrow it down so your ad reaches Facebook users with kids.

Click the Browse button and choose Demographics. Then, select Parents and click on all the applicable options.


You’ll see a Parents (All) option. You might be tempted to just click on that one and call it a day. But the Parents (All) category includes Parents with Adult Children, so it isn’t the most efficient way to connect with growing families.

Instead, I recommend taking the time to do a few more clicks so you can narrow it down to:

·         New Parents

·         Parents with Toddlers

·         Parents with Preschoolers

·         Parents with Early School Age Children

·         Parents with Preteens

·         Parents with Teenagers

And here’s one more tip: if you want to whiz right through that process, avoid the Browse button altogether. Just type “Parents” into the search bar and Facebook will present you with all the relevant options.

Targeting Parents Looking for a New Home

So that’s how you target growing families. But not every growing family is in the market for a new house. Some families are fine living cozy and having the kids share a room until they head off to college. And then there are the parents who got all their ducks in a row right away and bought a first home that would be big enough for their future family of four. 

You want to make sure your ad gets to the families who need your services. And that’s where this second step comes in.

Go to Detailed Targeting again and click the Browse button. But instead of going to Demographics, this time go to Interests. Under Additional Interests, you can find and select the ones that indicate someone might be shopping around for a new place.


Start with the descriptors like Buying a House and House Hunting. Then, move on to the services and companies your target demographic might be using to find listings, like Zillow and Realtor.com.

And again, you can skip all the scrolling by just typing “House Hunting” into the search bar and clicking on the suggested options Facebook lines up for you.

Get Started

Growing families are a profitable niche for realtors. And with Facebook ads, it only takes a few clicks to get your service or promotion to their newsfeeds. Go ahead, try it out for yourself and see the great results you can get.

Hassan Riggs
Hassan is the CEO and Co-founder of Smart Alto

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