February 20, 2018


Hassan Riggs

How To Target Homeowners Moving For Work

Homeowners move for work all the time, so target them with Facebook ads before anyone else does.

No one wants to give up a good job. So, when a major company relocates to your market, they usually bring a lot of their workforce with them. These corporate moves can mean a lot of business for you – if you know how to capture it.

Find Out Who’s Coming to Your Area

Before you can target your Facebook ads to homeowners moving for work, you have to find out which companies are relocating.

But you need to act fast. By the time the new office opens its doors, it will be too late for you to sell to many of its employees. They’ll have settled into their new homes before settling in at their new desks.

How do you know that a company is relocating without having a direct line to the CEO? Here are a few tips for staying in the know.

Follow the News

The most straightforward approach is to keep tabs on your local news.

Always check the Business pages. Most corporate moves won’t make the front page.

Better yet, you can subscribe to business publications in your area. They might write about relocations that a general interest newspaper won’t have room to discuss.

Job Boards

Not every employee will follow their job to a new city, and some companies use a relocation as an opportunity to grow and expand. That means the company coming to your neck of the woods will be looking for new employees.

Looking through job boards to find out which employers are opening offices in your area can be tedious, but you could learn about a corporate move before there’s any fanfare about it.

The Rumor Mill

Joining Facebook groups for local developers, business owners, or commerce organizations can give you access to a lot of early information.

Just make sure not to act immediately on the things you read in these groups. Not everything will be entirely reliable, and you might have to do some fact-checking to sort out the insider info from the rumors.


Companies will look for real estate before their employees do.

This is where networking with your friends in commercial real estate and finding out what moves they’re facilitating can really pay off. You could learn about your best prospects over a cup of coffee.

Targeting Your Ad Set to Homeowners Moving for Work

Once you find out which companies are coming to your area, you can customize your Facebook Ad Set to reach their employees.

Targeting Employees About to Relocate

The first thing you’ll need to do is set the right location for your ads. Unlike most of your ads, you won’t be targeting these to your own market. Instead, you’ll be setting the company’s current city as the location.

Set the company's current city as the location.

So, suppose you find out a company that is moving from Chicago to your market in Seattle. You’ll have to set the location to Chicago so that the ad reaches employees who haven’t moved yet.

Next, narrow your targeting to employees of the company that is relocating. Simply go to the Detailed Targeting search bar and type in the company name.

Here, we are targeting employees at Abbott Laboratories.

Let’s say Abbott Laboratories decides to move their headquarters from Chicago, Illinois to a city Seattle (the city you service), simply type the company name or select: Demographics > Work > Employers > Abbott.

You can set more than one employer at the same time if more than one company is relocating from the same city.

By doing these two things, your ad will reach Abbott employees who are currently working at their Illinois headquarters. If you hit them with an ad for real estate in Seattle, you’ll be speaking to their needs better than anyone else.

Targeting Recently Relocated Employees

Not everyone making the move will want to line up a house before they start working in their new city. Some will want to take things a bit more slowly and get to know the area first. They might rent a place or stay with relatives for a few months before they’re ready to put in a down payment.

To get your Facebook ad in front of these users, you’ll have to set your market as the Location – unlike those who are about to move, they’re already in your area.

Then, repeat the steps I showed you for finding employees of the company. Sticking with the example we used in the last section, you’ll be looking for: Demographics > Work > Employers > Abbott.

Finally, go to the Locations drop-down menu. You’ve got a few options here:

  • People who live in this location
  • People traveling in this location
  • People recently in this location
  • Everyone in this location

In the location section, target "Everyone in this location"

Since you’ve already narrowed it down to employees of a single company, you can go broad. Select “Everyone in this location” so you don’t leave anyone out.


Moving along with a company is almost always bittersweet. It can mean leaving a community after setting down roots, transferring kids to a new school and away from friends, and it can all feel really abrupt. Homeowners moving for work need a professional to help them resettle comfortably. By carefully targeting your ads, you could be the one they turn to when it comes time for the big move.

Hassan Riggs
Hassan is the CEO and Co-founder of Smart Alto

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