July 15, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Never Hire an ISA Again! The Tool Every Busy Real Estate Agent Should Have

How to choose the best real estate ISA appointment setting service

Your last real estate ISA wasn’t cutting it so you fired them.

The thought of finding another one is enough to make you break out in a sweat. 

You don’t have the time for that... You’re too busy with:

  • Showings, 
  • Writing Contracts, 
  • Home Inspections, 
  • Negotiating deals, 
  • Closings, and more!

That doesn’t even take into account your home and personal obligations.

You hired an ISA because you don’t have the time to consistently follow up with online leads. 

You’re considering a real estate ISA appointment setting company because you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of interviewing, hiring, training, and coaching another ISA.  

The problem? There are a lot of options, so how do you know which will be the best for your business and your clients? 

Smart Alto is a real estate ISA company that successfully sets 15-minute phone appointments for our busy real estate agents. 

Through our years of experience, we have found that there are 3 important things to consider when deciding which service is right for you. 

What Method Do They Use? 

We’ve talked about the importance of meeting people where they are when it comes to communication. You can read more about Texting VS Calling: Which Is Better For Converting Real Estate Leads here to see why texting is best. 

So before you consider a real estate ISA company you really need to know their preferred channel for communication. 

Robocalling and spam calls have made it so that the majority of people don’t answer the phone for unknown numbers. Most people hit the decline button immediately when they see a number they do not recognize pop up. 

Chatbots are great in theory, but when people have specific or unique questions their canned responses no longer work. People grow frustrated and close out the chats as soon as they realize the chatbot can’t answer their questions. 

Texting is the clear winner and any real estate ISA company that is worth looking into is using text-based ISAs because the read and response rates outshine all other methods. 

Not only do people read and respond to text more often and faster than any other form of communication, but it’s also incredibly scalable.

Are They Real People?

At first glance, automated and computer-based services seem like a no-brainer when it comes to lead follow-up. They can practically run on autopilot and only require a human touch when they actually make contact. 

The problem? People want to do business and talk to real people. 

Why? Because the people who are looking to move or sell their home are often doing so because of big life moments like:

  • Getting a new job, 
  • Having a baby, 
  • Divorce, 
  • Relocation, 
  • Downsizing, or
  • Death

Some of these occasions can be joyous, while others can be somber. A computer has no personal touch and doesn’t know when to employ things like empathy, emotional intelligence, or situational awareness. 

That’s one big reason why at Smart Alto, we let your leads know that they are dealing with a real human. We even put the words, “Yes, a real person” in our messages. 

In fact, when we started doing this we noticed a 15% increase in response rates. 

Are They Actually Setting Appointments?

The final thing to consider is what is the ISA company doing with your interested leads once they make contact?

In general, online real estate ISA companies fall into one of three camps:

  1. They give you a list of hot leads
  2. The connect you via live transfer
  3. They set 15-minute appointments 

Time is already an issue for you, so getting a list of hot leads that you then have to follow up with, uncover their needs, and see if you’re a good fit isn’t that helpful. 

If the thought of a live transfer doesn’t send you running for the hills then I don’t even know where to start. Actually, yes I do. Start here, Why Live Transfers Are Actually Worse Than Just A Name And Number. Then come back and finish this article. 

The most worthwhile option for a busy real estate agent like yourself is to hire a company that helps you by setting up 15-minute appointments with your interested leads that appear directly on your calendar. 

Smart Alto is one of the only online real estate ISA companies that offer a solution like this. How does it work? 


We take your registered leads, follow up with them very quickly, and continue to nurture them until they are super hot leads or disqualified. 

Once they are ready to talk we schedule a 15-minute appointment between you and the leads. Our team of ISAs put the call time and contact info directly into your calendar, along with some helpful notes. 

Then all that’s left is for our software to send the reminders, for you to hop on the call, build rapport, and then wow the socks off the lead. 

To Wrap It Up

Stop wasting your time and money finding, hiring, and training an ISA. You’re far too busy for that. 

It’s time to hire a real estate ISA company with a proven method and killer success rates. 

Did you know that just a 3.75% improvement in your follow-up strategy could increase your take-home pay by $270,000 per year? Don’t believe us? Read (link to 3 Ways to Follow Up With Your Real Estate Leads to Make Contact and get a 15-Minute Phone Appointment, not live yet) to see how poor follow-up is currently killing your income earning potential. 

As you consider the myriad of options out there, be sure to make sure they:

  • Use the proper method to contact your leads, 
  • Are not chatbots, and 
  • Set up a 15-minute appointment with your hottest leads. 

Want to see if Smart Alto is the right real estate ISA company for you? Book a demo today. 

Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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