April 22, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Stop Stressing, Start Converting Real Estate Leads

The best way to engage leads and start converting

Oh no you di’n’t! 

Did you really just call that real estate lead, leave a voicemail and call it a day? 

You know where that leads... 

You end up twiddling your thumbs - waiting for another lead to come in. 

Stop it. You know that’s not working.

All this does is keep you in this high-low feedback loop. You ride the high of a new real estate lead coming in. Feel the sense of hopeful anticipation when you reach out and leave your voicemail or hit send on the email. And then you quickly find yourself in the low as you sit, trying to distract yourself, when we both know that you’re really just listening out for the notification alert. 

You start to stress over things like, “Did I say something that offended them?”, “Maybe I didn’t sound excited enough in my voicemail?”, “Did I not get back to them in time? Did they find someone else?!”. 

Stop it! 

What if there is a better way? 

Imagine with me for a moment… 

What if you could wake everyday, open your calendar, and see appointments with qualified real estate leads magically sprinkled throughout your day?

Almost as if a magical real estate lead fairy came in while you were sleeping and waived their magically real-estate-lead wand. 

You’d probably wake up every morning pretty dang happy. You might even do a happy dance. 

That’s possible. 

Smart Alto is here to tell you there IS a better way. And it doesn’t involve dialing or door knocking for dollars.

You Should Be Texting Real Estate Leads

Step 1 of starting to convert real estate leads is getting them to respond and engage with you. 

Your next lead is on the hunt for their next home. But they’re a human being with a busy life. That means they are constantly looking at homes. They’re looking: 

  • While attending their kids soccer game,
  • In between meetings,
  • While going to the bathroom,
  • At 2 AM when they can’t sleep


What if a lead hits the “Contact Agent” button on a listing ad at 2 AM while they’re cruizing Facebook? You can’t call them.

So imagine their surprise when they receive a personalized SMS from you at 2:03AM (Click here to learn why a fast response is so important to your leads).

They’re still riding the high of finding a home they’re interested in and SMS allows you to capitalize on that by providing quick response. 

You have to get your leads to engage and respond to you. SMS is the perfect way to do that. 

Think about it like this…

When it comes to lead conversion, think about climbing a staircase. Each step is a more engaging form of communication. 

In order for you to climb to the next step, your lead has to engage with you. 

SMS is a very frictionless way of getting a lead to engage with you. More leads will engage with an SMS than an email or phone call. 

You’re Giving Up Too Quickly

Also, stop quitting before you’ve even really started. 

You’ve put in too much work to get here for you to just send one text and call it a day. 

Look, think about your personal relationships. How much back and forth does it take for you and your friend to finally schedule that lunch date you’ve been talking about since June 2020, forgetting corona-times. 

Probably a while. 

So why do think real estate leads are going to be any different?

You need to follow up more than once. In fact, you really need to be following up, at a minimum, 6 times. 

That’s right. 6 times. Why?

Because your chance of making contact actually increases each time you follow up. Check it out:

Over 50% of real estate leads are never followed up with. These are people that are interested in your help. You’re just giving up too soon. 

Ask Better Questions

You also need to ask better questions. 

We are often taught that we need to ask open-ended questions to get people to talk to us. 

But that only works if you already have people engaging with you. You don’t. So stop asking things like,” What are you looking for in your dream home?” as your very first question to a real estate lead.

That list could go on and on. Besides, are they even looking for their dream home? Or, are they looking for a starter home? Something that they’ll live in for 3-5 years and then look to upgrade? 

You need to ask a frictionless question. Questions that don’t require your lead to think about the response. They just know it. 

Remember, your leads have busy lives. Imagine they clicked on that Facebook Ad while at their kids soccer game. You want to ask a question that is simple, they know the answer to, and gets them to engage with you. Like this one…

All your lead needs to do to answer that question is hit 2 buttons - the number and send.

And now you have a lead that has engaged with you. 

(Side note: Check out this article on BANTAR if you want to know how to turn more leads into appointments now that your leads are engaging with you because you’ve started using SMS and asking frictionless questions)


We know you’re stressing about converting real estate leads. We know your current system isn’t working. 

You need your leads to engage with you so you can start converting and setting appointments. 

SMS is perfect for getting your leads to engage. Try it out! 

Once you're convinced that SMS is the way to go for real estate lead followup and appointment setting, and we know you will be... 

Come back.

Let us show you what life could be like with that magical real estate lead fairy swooping in and sprinkling those leads appointments on your calendar.

Book a demo with Smart Alto today. 

We’d love to be the reason you’re waking up and doing that happy dance every morning. 

Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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