January 22, 2018


Hassan Riggs

The Best Way To Survive The Facebook Newsfeed Update

Create more engaging content by teaching clients something they can't learn on Google.

As you know, Facebook is making changes to the Newsfeed that might impact the way you generate buyer and seller leads. Mark and his team have always wanted users to have a meaningful experience on Facebook, so the platform changes all the time.

Features come and go. Buttons move. Algorithms change. But this announcement is a little different, and it’s gotten a lot of attention from real estate agents who use Facebook to drum up business and get more leads.

My clients have been asking how we're tackling this situation. Honestly, I’m not concerned about this update. As long as Facebook allows businesses to promote products and services, I will survive this, and all other changes.

If you want to a predictable way to generate buyer and seller leads on Facebook, then you need to get on board with what I'm about to say because the rules of the game have changed. And all agents won’t survive.

Facebook has already started to make changes to its algorithm.


Here’s what you need to know.

Facebook (and all online) leads need a few basic things from you. They want you to be smart, capable, and helpful. That’s a given.

But there are a few more things they look for. And if you’re not giving it to them, then I predict your Facebook Reach, Click Through Rates, website traffic, Cost per Lead, and engagement scores will suffer.

As a results, Facebook will display your ads less frequently and to fewer people; and leads will move on to the next agent. 

You need to close the gap between what Facebook leads want, and what you provide so that your ads display to people who want to have meaningful interactions with it.

The most important reason people engage with your content is because it comes from a trusted source. Like it or not, you have developed a brand over years and dozens of Facebook posts and client interactions. When people see your content on Facebook, they have a gut reaction to 'click or scroll'.

The best way to survive the Facebook Newsfeed update is to have a rockstar brand that people love.

But most real estate agents aren't as fortunate. 

And even some top producers who generate millions of brands impressions and thousands of leads each year don't have a stellar, brand.  

So with that in mind, here are three ways you can survive the Facebook Newsfeed update.

Create Educational Content: Teach People Something They Can’t Learn On Google

Customer service is a huge part of real estate, but that doesn’t mean Facebook leads are looking for a lackey. You work for them, but you’re the expert.

That’s the value you’re bringing. If you don’t teach people something new about the neighborhood, real estate, or market, then your expertise won’t show, leads won’t engage with your ads and Facebook might not frequently display your ads.

Teach people something valuable they can't learn on Google

Further, if you don’t demonstrate your value by teaching, then Facebook leads will wonder why they’re paying so much commission. Today, everyone has a smart phone 📱in their hand, and more information at their fingertips than ever before.

Remember, Zillow proves potential clients don’t need you to find new listings

And they can easily find answers to basic real estate questions. That’s not why they’re coming to you. What they’re looking for is someone with insider knowledge. People have meaningful interactions with your content when they are learning something new, and valuable.

You need to teach them something they can’t learn on Google.

Better yet, challenge some of the misinformation they might have picked up through Google. They’ll appreciate getting the facts from someone with first-hand experience.

Promote this educational content on to your Facebook Website Custom Audience (WCA) 180 Days, email list, Fans, Lookalike Audience, and Interest. 

People in these audiences meet some important, and basic criteria – they know, like, and trust you. That makes them more likely to share and engage with your content than the general public.

Use these three tips as a guideline for your teaching:

Teaching must be uniquely relevant to their home buying/selling experience. Teaching must be more than simply new, it must challenge their assumptions and/or what they previously thought to be true.Teaching should help them assign value (time, money) to things they didn't know or fully appreciate.

Listen, you need specific attitudes, skills, behaviors, and knowledge to be a high-performing agent.

It’s hard work. But you’re an expert, so don’t be afraid to share alternative views based upon your unique understanding and expertise. 

Your leads will thank you, and engage with your content. And Facebook will reward you by more prominently displaying your ads to people who want to see them.

Hassan Riggs
Hassan is the CEO and Co-founder of Smart Alto

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