October 7, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Top 7 Real Estate Lead Generation Thought Leaders 

Who Are The Best Real Estate Lead Generation Thought Leaders

It’s the number one question we get asked at Smart Alto…

Okay. I know you guys help follow up with leads, but what is the best online lead generation source?”

We cover online lead generation a lot on this blog. But mainly, we focus on how the best practices for lead generation follow up so that no viable lead is wrongly labeled a bad lead. 

However, seeing as we get this question so often, we thought it would be a great idea to do a roundup of the best thought leaders for real estate agents when it comes to online lead generation. 

Let’s dive in, shall we?


Creator: Jimmy Mackin

Specialty: Generating Higher Quality Leads that are Easier to Convert

Why We Love It: Agents spend more than a billion dollars per year buying leads from Zillow, but the irony is that many of these agents actually hate the fact that they do. So Curaytor set out to create an alternative. Jimmy and his team of experts at Curaytor developed their Accelerator advertising solution with one thing in mind: to deliver higher quality internet leads that are easier to convert - without agents having to pay a percentage of their commission check

Buffini & Company

Creator: Brian Buffini

Specialty: Lead Generation and Management

Why We Love It:  Buffini and Company make the list for their experience and comprehensive program offerings.

Brian Buffini has created several successful courses designed to help real estate agents at all levels learn, grow and master the art of real estate. In his course, The Pathway to Mastery: Essentials, he leads agents through an in-depth training program that goes over lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, the seven essentials of negotiation and building a business plan. He not only has the training to help you be a better agent and generate leads, he also has created the services to help you manage and nurture those leads.

Craig Proctor Real Estate Coaching

Creator: Craig Proctor

Specialty: Reverse Prospecting or Direct Response Marketing

Why We Love It: Craig believes in drawing leads to you. His training programs help shift mindset away from scarcity toward abundance while teaching agents how to generate leads. 

He helps agents understand the fundamentals of direct response marketing so that it can become a major component in their lead generation strategy. 

By Referral Only

Creator: Joe Stumpf

Specialty: Lead Generation Through Referrals 

Why We Love It: By Referral Only focuses, as the name would imply, building a pipeline of leads from referral business. Different from the other coaches on the list, Joe’s program is the only one that niches down to focus on building a business on referrals. If you’re an agent that is tired of spending money on leads, this may be the system for you. 

Power Unit Coaching

Creator: Chastin J Miles

Specialty: Helps New Agents Close Deals

Why We Love It: Chastin helps new agents learn how to close 3+ deals per month as new agents. His personality, knowledge, and experience help him connect with those new agents that are feeling overwhelmed, unsure and worried about their real estate career. He teaches them his powerhouse method for generating leads and creating success in real estate. 

Karin Carr Coaching

Creator: Karin Carr

Specialty: Leads With Video

Why We Love It: Karin focuses specifically on how agents can use video content on Youtube to generate leads for their business. 

Community Influencer

Creator: Aarin Chung

Specialty: Learn how to generate leads online

Why We Love It: Aarin has a passion for helping real estate agents nurture real estate lead relationships, scale, and take over their local markets. Her passion was born from personal experience. She hated feeling like the sleazy agent going door to door and calling people she didn’t know. After her life-changing experience, she decided to approach online lead generations and marketing from and new perspective, and thus Community Influencer was born. 

Why It Matters

The biggest shift to make when it comes to lead generation is not in strategy but in mindset. 

You need to understand that looking for the best lead generation platform or tool will yield limited results. 

Instead, what all of these coaches help you do is shift your mindset. Instead of focusing on getting good leads, focus on building a great system for converting leads. 

This is at the core of what we believe at Smart Alto…

The fortune is in the follow-up. 

Become great at your follow-up and the lead source won't matter. 

What do you think of our list? Have you worked with any of these real estate coaches? Did your coach not make the list? 

Let us know. 

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Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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