November 5, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Top Female Coaches For Real Estate Agents

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

There is a point in your career where you realize you need a mentor.

The right mentor or coach can help a player with potential learn how to harness and hone their skills so they can become remarkable. 

We can easily see the value of coaches and mentors when it comes to sports, but we often overlook the value of a mentor when it comes to our career.

Whether you’re a seasoned or newly licensed real estate agent, a great coach or mentor can help you reach your goals faster. 

That’s why we decided to put together a list of some of the top female coaches for real estate agents in the US. 

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These women have achieved some amazing accomplishments and are now on a mission to help more agents and women reach their goals of success too!

Let’s dive in.

Aarin Chung

Program: Community Influencer

Why We Love It: Aarin has a passion for helping real estate agents nurture real estate lead relationships, scale, and take over their local markets. Her passion was born from personal experience. She hated feeling like the sleazy agent going door to door and calling people she didn’t know. After her life-changing experience, she decided to approach online lead generations and marketing from a new perspective, and thus Community Influencer was born. 

Julie Youngblood

Program: Youngblood Coaching and Consulting

Why We Love It: Julie started her career in real estate at the age of 19. And by the age of 20, that’s right, within a year, she was running one of the most successful teams in her home of Southern Nevada. Her success led to people asking her to speak at events and help other brokerages grow. Julie’s coaching program supports newer/greener agents and go-getters who want to learn from an experienced agent who knows her stuff. 

Dr. Lee Davenport

Program: Learn With Dr. Lee

Why We Love It: Dr. Lee is a doctor because for her doctorate, Dr. Lee studied the top 1000 real estate agents in the United States and identified some of the key traits of top producers. Armed with all of her research and data she developed a personal and group coaching program to help audiences grow their business. Her coaching program teaches you how to grow your business using technology and your unique personality. 

Kathleen Black

Program: Kathleen Black Coaching & Consulting

Why We Love It: Kathleen started her career as a RE/MAX agent and worked her way toward the top 1% of realtors in the Durham area and on the Toronto Real Estate Board. She spent years perfecting her craft and then decided to help other agents reach their dreams of being in the top 1% of Realtors too. Kathleen considered her coaching program the one-stop-shop for agents at any stage of their career. She recognizes that coaching and mentoring needs change as your progress through the different level of your career and has programs designed to help every star of the way that mirror the coaching and mentoring she has found valuable thought out her career. 

Bernice Ross

Program: BrokerageUp!

Why We Love It: Bernice founded BrokerageUP! to help women create profitable brokerages. The California Association of Realtors conducted a survey that showed of the top 100 brokerages only 14 were run by women. She recognized a huge area of opportunity to help her fellow female real estate agents succeed and grow their business. The program is ideal for brokerages and solo women wanting to grow and scale their businesses. Her team of trainers and success mentors are also all women. 

Candy Miles 

Program: Real Life Real Estate Coaching

Why We Love It: Candy has over 17 years of experience in the business. Her program is great for experienced agents that want a flexible and comprehensive coaching experience. Best of all, all the training is taught and led by Candy. She calls her program Real Life Real Estate Coaching because unlike many coaches and teachers, she is still an active real estate agent. She wants agents to enjoy real estate without having to go through the growing pains of a learn by trial and error process.

Karin Carr Coaching

Creator: Karin Carr

Why We Love It: Karin focuses specifically on how agents can use video content on Youtube to generate leads for their business. After she started her real estate career in 2005 her and her husband moved quite a bit. Each time they moved she had to start from zero in her new home base. Each time she had to go through the process of building her pipeline of business. When she made her final move to Savannah, GA she decided to go all in on her YouTube channel and build an audience. That way, if she moved again she would have an audience and rapport. Now she helps other agents learn how to be their market's go-to agent. 

Sherri Johnson

Program: Sherri Johnson 

Why We Love It: Sherri has been a top producing agent and now helps agents reach $6+ million in their first year. She is perfect for strong agents that are looking for a mentor to help them grow to that next level. Sherri and her team of support coaches help provide agents with the tools and confidence they need to win more appointments and close more deals. 

Support Matters

Like we said earlier, the right coach can make all of the difference in helping you reach your goals.

Learning from someone with proven experience, expertise and success can be the difference between you reaching your goals in 3 years or in 10 years. 

All of the coaches above have a passion for sharing their knowledge and helping you succeed in this business. 

What do you think of our list? Have you worked with any of these real estate coaches? Did your coach not make the list? 

Let us know. 

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Ginger Crosbie

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