June 23, 2020
Hassan Riggs

What is a virtual real estate ISA? 

What is a virtual real estate inside sales agent?

It can’t be denied that the real estate industry is becoming increasingly transactional; consumers are willing to do business with you even if they haven’t met you before, which hasn’t always been the case in this industry. 

Of course, with tools like Facebook and Google, and strategies like organic marketing, generating leads has become quite easy. The problem lies in converting those leads into customers, especially since it involves coverage around the clock. Today, consumers expect engagement that’s not only immediate but also on their own terms. 

However, as your real estate business continues to grow, tasks such as lead acquisition, consistent follow-up, and lead nurturing become more difficult, albeit still very critical. Naturally, you wouldn’t want operations on the backend failing just as you start to succeed on the front end. This is where a real estate ISA comes into play.

What is a virtual real estate ISA?

Essentially, a virtual ISA, or virtual inside sales agent, is an individual hired on a contract either from a freelancing website or from virtual ISA companies. Among others, their job responsibilities include prospecting and qualifying leads and following up with them. 

We can also put it this way; a virtual ISA does all that an in-house ISA does. The only difference is that the former isn’t physically present with you in the office and isn’t on a payroll. 

Is having a virtual real estate ISA important?

Real estate agents often find phone work tedious, and they’re usually scared of hearing no from prospective leads. Eventually, this leads to your followup process coming to a stop, leaving you with cold leads and hardly any profits.  

Therefore, you need someone that can stay on top of things and not let you feel the dread that comes with an empty pipeline. This is where you need a real estate ISA; it will prove to be a smart idea, and it will ensure your success by keeping your pipeline flowing.

In nearly all industries, inside sales have become a growing phenomenon, and real estate is no different. More and more companies have now started to use technology to make most of their sales via emails or phone calls to reduce costs. While it was not possible 15 years ago, today, with the extensive use of cell phones, video conferencing, texting, email, social media, and websites, it has become a reality. 

Today, the majority of companies use either a completely remote inside sales system or a hybrid system, which comprises representatives calling from the home office and then occasionally traveling to meet clients. 

When it comes to real estate, an ISA is responsible for conducting inside sales and is comfortable with spending the major chunk of their time on a phone talking to potential clients. He or she tackles incoming leads and is also responsible for scrubbing, lead-qualifying, and follow-up. 

Other responsibilities of a virtual real estate ISA include:

  • Servicing inbound leads either from sign calls or from other internet sources
  • Converting potential leads into appointments for sales agents 
  • Prospecting for geographic farms, past clients, COI, expired listings, and FSBPs to generate new leads 

Benefits of hiring a virtual real estate ISA

Perhaps the most significant advantage of hiring a virtual ISA is that your overhead costs are dramatically reduced. There’s no hiring, training, or onboarding involved, and you don’t have to manage employees either. Similarly, there are no sick days to worry about and no lost time due to wasted efforts. In fact, you can hire a virtual ISA to be on the phone for just a few hours a day for even less than $2000/month. 

Moreover, virtual real estate ISAs are highly skilled and can identify potential seller leads, convert them into possible nurtures, and finally set up an appointment with an agent. We can also say that ISAs are completely trained to perform all SDR (Sales Development Representative) duties. 

Should you hire a virtual ISA?

Before you think over this question and make a decision, it’s important to understand the tasks that a virtual ISA can help you with. Of course, we’ve mentioned the duties of such an individual above, but let’s have a look at what those duties actually entail. 

  • Cold and warm calling

A virtual ISA calls purchased leads, existing clients in the database, and potential clients to increase the generated leads. For this reason, they have strong communication skills and an attitude that won’t let them rest until they have some solid leads.

  • Follow-up process

It’s a fact that 80% of sales need at least five follow-up calls before the deal can be closed. For this reason, it’s essential to have an excellent follow-up process, and this is where a virtual ISA can help. He or she works to increase the number of deals your team ends up closing. 

  • Lead management

Your virtual ISA can manage all your clients, whether old, new, or potential, in your CRM. Other tasks they can do include uploading existing contacts and importing new ones, and organizing all of them into a central source to ensure that you don’t miss out on any lead.

  • Lead nurturing 

With the help of a virtual ISA, you can nurture your buyers throughout your sales funnel. He or she can also help you tweak your communication and marketing efforts to meet the client’s needs. Finally, you can track qualified leads with targeted follow-up calls and automated content delivery. 

So, should you be hiring one?

To be fair, a virtual ISA is ideal for those looking for those who want to quickly get back to their leads. It is also for those who want to use the pool of leads within a geographical area and attract more potential clients but don’t have the resources to hire an in-house sales agent. 


It is common knowledge that the way you allocate your time in the real estate industry reflects on your success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, or an agent, you must focus on tasks that contribute the most to your business's growth and success. By handing off the extremely time-taking, mundane, and repetitive tasks of calling clients to a virtual assistant, you can put in more of your time in increasing business productivity. 

Thus, hiring a virtual real estate ISA and assigning tasks such as lead generation, appointment setting, and cold calling can be highly beneficial for you!


Hassan Riggs
Hassan is the CEO and Co-founder of Smart Alto

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