January 6, 2022


Ginger Crosbie

When and How Often Should You Call Your New Real Estate Leads

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It’s Monday morning…

You just got to the office after a busy weekend of showings and hanging out with friends. 

You’re feeling accomplished and ready to tackle the week. 

As you start to settle in for the day you start to think about the tasks you want to tackle and in what order. On the roaster you have:

  • New lead follow-up
  • Contract writing
  • Listing follow-up
  • An inspection, and
  • A dental cleaning at 3P. 

Where do you start?

Maybe you’re tempted to start calling your new leads that came in over the weekend? It’s not really your favorite task, but it has to get done. 

So you settle in and get ready to start dialing. 


Before you start using your most precious and limited resource - your time - to start following-up with new leads let’s talk about when and how often you should call you new real estate leads.

Why should you care what we have to say? 

Hey! We are Smart Alto. A leading real estate ISA company with a different approach to lead follow-up. We literally wrote the Ultimate Guide to Real Estate ISAs. It’s our goal to help busy real estate agents and brokers maximize every income generating opportunity possible. 

Our real estate ISAs help Realtors® triple their productivity, execute all of their digital selling tasks, and set more appointments so they can close an additional 5 deals per year, without cold calling. 

When To Call Your New Real Estate Leads

It depends.

Do you have an appointment with your new real estate lead? Or are you calling them at 9:13AM on Monday morning because that’s when you saw the new lead notification?

You might not think this matters, but it does. 

There is an order to who you should be calling when it comes to your real estate leads:

  1. Call Your Appointments FIRST
  2. Call Your Unkept Appointments
  3. Call The Engaged Leads
  4. Call Everyone Else Last

We did a whole write up on who you should be calling, when you should be calling them and why in our semi-famous blog post called How to Pick Which Real Estate Leads To Call First.

(Read that blog and then Download the Ultimate Checklist for Which Real Estate Leads to Call First). 

In short, the idea is that you want to be focusing on your income generating tasks first. Calling people that you have not engaged or interacted with and hoping to get a call isn’t the highest and best use of your time. 

Instead, you want to put your time and energy into those people that you have already established some sort of connection with. 

These are the people that are engaged and most ready to do business. 

How Often To Call Your New Real Estate Leads

We are assuming you are referring to new leads that you’ve had no touch point with outside of the fact that they clicked on your ad or listing asking for more information…

If this is the case, you shouldn’t be calling them unless you have an appointment with them or they’ve engaged in some meaningful way.

And at that you might be wondering, “But how do I get an appointment with someone that I’ve never spoken to?”

If that’s the question you’re asking yourself that means that you aren’t using your most valuable tool for reaching and connecting with new leads - texting. 

You shouldn’t be calling your brand new, fresh off the press real estate leads. 

Instead, you should be texting them. 

Texting is the heart of our follow-up strategy with new real estate leads at Smart Alto. 

We text before a phone call is ever made because it’s the way people prefer to connect. 

Texting is the gold standard when it comes to making contact with new leads. You’ll be hard pressed to find a medium that's more effective. Especially considering the landmark Supreme Court trial Facebook v. Duguid ruling which further solidifies SMS as your safest channel for communicating with leads from a litigation perspective. 

We dissect this topic a ton on our blog. If you’re not familiar with the efficacy of texting, consider reading some of these articles we’ve written:

Think about yourself…

How often do you answer the phone for unknown numbers? 

Sure, as an agent in the business you probably answer a ton of unknown number calls. But if you’re not an entrepreneur or in a business where you expect calls from unknown numbers you don’t.

And our tech makes it even easier to miss those unknown number calls. 

The Bottom Line

You shouldn’t be calling your new real estate leads that you don’t have an appointment with. 

You’re a busy real estate agent with a list a mile long of tasks to tackle:

  • Lead follow-up
  • Contract writing
  • Listing follow-up
  • Inspections, 
  • Closings, 
  • Negotiations, 
  • Training, and more

You need to be focusing your energy and efforts on your revenue-generating tasks. 

Save your phone calls for the leads that you’ve already established a connection with via text. 

Click below to Download The Ultimate Checklist On Which Real Estate Leads To Call First to learn how to prioritize your call strategy for maximum ROI. 

Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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