May 20, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Why Live Transfers Are Actually Worse Than Just A Name And Number

Why you should set 15-minute appointments.

ISA: Hey! I’ve got a lead for you that wants to talk about buying a home!

Agent: Great! When do they want to chat?

ISA: Right now. I’m going to do a live transfer. Hang on. 

You: Uhhh...I’m walking into a listing appointment.

Interested Buyer: Hi!

You: Uhhh. Hi?

If you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you’ve probably had to deal with your fair share of live transfers. 

The in house ISA calls you. You pick up. They tell you that they are getting ready to transfer a lead over to you for some help. 

You know nothing about the lead. 

  • No name, 
  • No qualifying information, 
  • You don’t know where they are looking, or
  • What they are looking for. 

Heck, you don’t even know if they have the money to buy a home. But what can you do? You already hear the ringing to connect the two lines. 

Live transfers are the worst. Far worse than just getting the name and phone number of the person and being told to call. They feel clunky, they’re impossible to prepare for and they can crop up at any time during your already busy day.

What if, like above, you’re getting ready to walk into a listing appointment? You can’t, and shouldn’t ignore the people in front of you for the person on the phone. That sort of customer focus and service isn’t going to do you reputation any favors. 

There’s No Time To Prepare

The scenario above likely feels really familiar if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a live transfer.

They can be awful. Not because the leads aren’t kind and quality leads, but because you’re not prepared. 

Imagine showing up for a party at a friend's house dressed for a costume party only to find out when the host answers the door that everyone is dressed for a casual afternoon backyard BBQ. 

You feel slightly embarrassed and probably aren’t your usually confident self. Understandably so. You’ve just been thrust into a situation that you weren’t prepared for. 

The same feeling can be said for live transfers. A live transfer can catch you off guard at any time and likely has at some point in your career. 

A live transfer can strike at any time. You could be:

  • showing a house to a buyer
  • At a closing
  • At a home inspection
  • At dinner with your friends, or 
  • Getting ready to wind down for bed. 

In all of those instances you have to make the choice to abandon what you were in the middle of or lose out on converting a lead you’ve already paid good money for.

Either way it sounds like a lose-lose situation. The truth is that you perform better when you are prepared.

At Smart Alto, our goal is to help you be as successful as possible. That’s why our ISAs set 15-minute appointments with leads that we have engaged with and identified some BANTAR. 

(Not sure what BANTAR is? Check out this article, Steal The Best Real Estate Lead Follow Up Script Template To Qualify Buyers.)

When you know some BANTAR you can come to the phone call prepared to suggest available listings or areas that the prospect might be interested in seeing. What a great first impression!

Availability Isn’t Taken Into Account 

Look. To be a top producer like you are and have the money to hire an ISA you have to be cranking out some serious business. 

Bravo to you, my friend. 

However, the live transfers your ISA is sending you are interfering with your ability to be the great agent that your clients know and love. It’s the reason they signed on with you as an agent. Because you’re the expert they trust. 

But how does it look when you have to answer the phone because a lead is being transferred or forfeit the likelihood of converting that lead that you’ve already paid for?

Not great.

Instead of being the guy or gal that your clients rave about to their family and friends , you become the guy or gal that makes them say, “yeah, they were nice, but they were always taking other calls when we were in the middle of working with them...” to their family and friends. 

Not ideal. 

At Smart Alto we set 15-minute appointments with leads based on your availability. The 15-minute appointments appear on your calendar and make it easy to prepare and get in the right headspace to talk to new leads. 

Think about it...

A conversation with a new lead is completely different from a conversation with an existing buyer or seller. By having a set window that you take a new lead phone call you can benefit from getting into the flow of having those conversations. 

So What’s the Solution? 

You need an ISA. But you recognize your current system could be better. 

You hired an ISA because you don’t have the bandwidth to be reaching out and engaging with leads all throughout the day. You’re too busy for that. And though live transfers seemed like a great step in the lead generation and converting process, there’s still something that’s not working. 

There has to be a better way. And there is. 

At Smart Alto, we recognize that you’re busy. That’s why we have fully committed to scheduling 15-minute phone appointments for the real estate agents and brokers we work with. 

If you’re frustrated with your current system, but still unsure of the right solution then Download The Ultimate Checklist For Choosing The Right Real Estate ISA Provider For Your Business

But, if you’re interested in the idea of having a 15-minute appointment with prospects scheduled on your calendar based on your availability then Schedule A Demo with Smart Alto. 

Ginger Crosbie

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