August 5, 2021


Ginger Crosbie

Why Text Messaging Should Be Part Of Your Real Estate ISA's Follow Up Process

How text messaging real estate leads can improve your follow-up

Getting the response... 

It’s the hardest part of the job. 

Sure, there’s contract writing, negotiating with difficult sellers, and managing buyer expectations which are all challenging…

But at least you’re already talking to them. 

Getting new leads to respond is the hardest part of the job. Especially if you’re using the wrong channel to try and get the response. 

Getting the response = the possibility of a new client. 

Getting the response = continuing to grow your business. 

Getting the response = another chance to do what you love. 

At Smart Alto, we’ve mastered the art of getting a response from online real estate leads. So why not take a sheet from our playbook and see why text messaging should be part of your ISA’s Follow-up Strategy. 

Learn how text messaging can improve your follow-up and keep your business growing. 

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Reduces Friction

Texting your leads reduces friction.

When you think about your lead’s journey toward homeownership, you always need to think about how to get them to the next step in their journey as easy as possible. 

Good content marketers are really great at reducing the friction to get an audience member to the next step in the journey. 

Think about your favorite Youtube Content Creator…

Maybe you found them as you were searching “How to grow the best tomato”...

You browsed the query results and found a video “Tomato Care: How to Prune Water Support and Fertilize for JUICY Tomatoes” - BINGO! That’s it. Think of this as your well-crafted ad. 

You’re instantly mesmerized by the perfectly pruned rows of tomato plants and think to yourself, “yeah, I got this.”

You may notice that within the first 20 seconds of the video, the creator already says, “Hey, if you want to create rows of tomato plants like this check out this video where I show you how I did this” and he links to it. - Think of this as the well-timed text message in your follow-up strategy that gets your lead to respond.

That is great content marketing. He is anticipating what you’re going to want to know and hands you your next step in the form of a clickable link. 

Texting your leads can have the same effect. 

Once a lead clicks on your ad and fills out your form, your immediate goal is to get them to respond to you by sending them a well-timed text message.


Because texting your leads is the most frictionless way to usher them through their journey. Remember, just as the killer content marketer, you need to be always anticipating and guiding your prospect on their journey. 

Ad →  Inquiry

Inquiry →  Text

Text →  Response

Response →  Qualifying the Lead

Qualifying the Lead → Setting Appointment

Setting Appointment → Touring a Home 

Touring a Home → Closing a Deal

The Text → Response / Response → Qualifying Lead is vital to being able to move forward in their journey. And texting gets the job done far better than emailing or calling. 

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Texting Is Convenient

How many times have you noticed an incoming call, sent it to voicemail, and then immediately responded with a text.

Sure, maybe you were in a meeting? Maybe you were running out the door? Maybe you were in the middle of the newest episode of your favorite show and didn’t want to hit the pause button?

Whatever the reason, we’ve ALL done it. 


Because texting is simply more convenient. Texting allows us to feel like we are multitasking and making progress on multiple things simultaneously. 

Texting is not only convenient for your lead, but it’s also convenient for your ISA and your business. With texting, your ISA doesn’t have to spend hours on the phone talking to a handful of leads that end up being disqualified. 

Instead, your ISA can use texting to move your lead through the journey and maximize their output, increase the effectiveness of your follow-up strategy and increase your lead conversion to ultimately help you close more deals. 

Understanding The Goal

To win the follow-up strategy game, convert more leads, and close more deals you and your ISA have to understand that the first goal is to get a response from your leads. Investing in more lead gen will fall short if you don’t understand and master the art of getting a response from your leads first. 

That’s why texting is so important. Texting your leads is the most frictionless and convenient way to help usher your leads through their journey.

Will everyone be a qualified lead? No. 

But that doesn’t matter. Because if the foundation or your follow-up is on point then you and your ISA are doing everything you can to maximize your income-generating potential. 

There is no amount of money that you can throw at that first step that will magically increase the 

Ad →  Inquiry

Inquiry →  Text

Text →  Response

Response →  Qualifying the Lead

Qualifying the Lead → Setting Appointment

Setting Appointment → Touring a Home 

Touring a Home → Closing a Deal

Want to see how Smart Alto can help support the foundation of your follow-up strategy? After all, your ISA is only working traditional business hours…

Book a demo today. 

Ginger Crosbie

Content Marketing Manager at Smart Alto

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