Smart Alto vs. Verse

Choosing the right lead qualification platform is foundational to your business. This page compares two of the top-rated platforms — Smart Alto and Verse — to help you choose the follow up system that’s right for you.

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While there are a few lead qualification products on the market, Smart Alto and Verse are consistently ranked the top two options by users in terms of satisfaction and adoption. Both platforms provide growing real estate teams with a solution that scales. This page will help you understand the differences between Smart Alto and Verse so you can decide which is the right option for your growing business.

What does Smart Alto do?

Smart Alto is an appointment setting system that makes lead qualification and appointment setting easy for busy real estate agents and growing teams who don't have time to consistently follow up with online leads.

What does Verse do?

Verse is a lead qualification system powered by artificial intelligence and sales representatives who cover a variety of industries, from education to real estate to banking.

An overview of Smart Alto

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System is powered by real people who respond to your new, inbound leads within two minutes. Sales assistants use text message follow up scripts, website chat and a calendar integration to help teams work more efficiently, save time and grow revenue.

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System filters out bad leads and prioritizes hot leads so you can call leads who have purposely scheduled a time to speak with you.

An overview of Verse

Verse qualifies inbound leads to help you uncover your hottest prospects. It uses artificial intelligence and phone calls to engage leads and pass them to your sales team.


Take a look at the sticker price and cost of ownership.

Smart Alto
The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System is $900 per quarter for most teams.

Verse is $7,000 with it’s required semi-annual contract, plus +$5/lead.


Your follow up system is the foundation of your sales success. Speed to lead and long-term follow up are crucial, so you need a proven system, not just some software. See how Smart Alto and Verse compare across some of the most critical capabilities.

Appointment Setting

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System uses the B.A.N.T.A.R. Principle to schedule 15-minute phone appointments with up to 25% of your new leads. Our trained inside sales agents respond to leads within two minutes and consistently until they schedule an appointment or tell us to stop.

We schedule appointments only when you have availability on your calendar. No awkward live transfers or double-booked appointments. You can learn more about our process to qualify leads here.

(Yes, up to 25% of your new leads will schedule a 15-minute phone appointment on your calendar).

Verse uses artificial intelligence and sales representatives to call your new leads to live transfer or set an appointment with your sales team. As you know, live transfers are awkward and often interrupt showings, listing appointments or meetings with clients. And besides that, what good is artificial intelligence if it can’t have a thoughtful conversation with your leads? Can you afford to have missed opportunities?

Human > Robots

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System is powered by people who have thoughtful conversations to qualify leads and schedule 15-minute phone appointments on your calendar. Our team always represents your brand the right way.

We have the skills needed to have friendly conversations with leads and persistently follow up with non-responders to schedule appointments on your calendar when you are available.

Verse is powered by artificial intelligence. The problem is that robots are great at crunching data and analyzing numbers, but they’re awful at having conversations with humans. Only humans have the emotional intelligence (EQ) to delicately schedule a 15-minute phone appointment with a grieving widow who quickly needs to sell her home.

Pick robots to analyze your sales numbers, but humans to have conversations with leads that help you make sales.

Text messages > Phone calls

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System is modern and communicates with leads on their preferred channel: text message and website chat. Text messages have a better deliverability rate and engagement rate than phone calls or emails.

In fact, text messages are the preferred communication channel for most people and often get a response within 90 seconds. It’s one of the reasons The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System schedules appointments with up to 25% of your new leads.

Verse makes phone calls to live transfers new leads to your sales team. Real estate is an on-the-phone and in-person business. You must be good on the phone and great in person to close deals. But in today’s society, when people prefer to text rather than call, the best way to schedule appointments is via text message (and the data proves it).

It’s hard to train people to call your leads. They don’t properly represent your brand, don’t understand your area, and often miss easy opportunities to schedule appointments.

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Our support team is second to none. We’re not only here for you when you’re signing up for your Smart Alto account, we’re with you every step of the way throughout your  journey.

You can talk to a member of our support team on the phone, through email, and via in-app messaging. We’re available via phone Monday – Friday, 7AM to 7PM ET. The best part? There’s no robots around. You can rest assured you’ll be speaking to a real human every time you reach out to our support team (the same can’t be said for some of the competition).

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