I don’t like the conversation quality with this lead. What can I do about that?

We are sorry to hear a conversation didn’t meet your expectations! To ensure conversations are meeting your expectations and to help guide our team of assistants on continuous improvement, we have added a conversation rating feature.

While this rating system is great to help make us aware of those conversations that are lacking, it is also very important that you rate the conversations that went beyond your expectations. We need a good mix of positive and negative reviews from you in order to weed out the bad stuff and expand on the great stuff.

To rate a conversation, click the start icon beside a lead’s name.  Ratings are given on a 5-star basis and you can add a note about specific parts of the conversation.

I have multiple sources but only want Smart Alto to follow up on certain ones.

No problem at all!  Many of our clients have leads flowing in from multiple sources but only want us following up with certain ones. If you have a lead source you want us to stop following up on, just send us a note via website chat (bottom right corner) or email us at cs@smartalto.com

I have a new lead source. How do I make sure Smart Alto is replying to these leads?

If you have a new lead source, just let us know. We can help you get this source flowing into Smart Alto with a few easy steps.  Send us your new lead source or lead form name via website chat (bottom right corner) or email us at cs@smartalto.com.

How can I change my scripts?

We would be happy to help you update your script as you see fit.  If you have a minor change just let us know in the chat (bottom right corner).  

If you want to do an overhaul, let’s talk.  Book some time with our Customer Success Team so they can ensure these changes are updated and working correctly for you.  

Book time with the team.

Can I upload my own contacts?

Right now, we do not have a way for users to manually upload their leads without upgrading their account. If you'd like to learn how Smart Alto can follow up with your old leads the book time with the team.

Can you follow up on old leads?

We sure can!  If you have a list of old leads lying around that you want to engage and qualify, bring them to Smart Alto. These leads are manually uploaded so all you have to provide us with is a CSV file. Ready to start?  Book some time with our team so we can get you set up.

What do you do with leads who don’t respond?

Whether a lead is just busy at work or not ready to talk, we want to make sure we make every effort to speak with them and get an appointment booked.  If a lead is unresponsive for 15 minutes they are moved to the ‘ISA Following Up’ status.  This just means they are now on an automated campaign in the hopes we can start the conversation up again.

Leads are tagged with a corresponding campaign. The campaign will automatically text that lead at set intervals. If the lead texts back at any point, our live assistants will pick the conversation back up and attempt to make an appointment.

Does Smart Alto make phone calls / send emails?

Smart Alto utilizes the fastest growing communication channel - text messaging.  We do not contact leads via email or phone call.  This is simply because we find that when it comes to the early stages of qualifying leads, text messages get the best response rate.

That’s not to say phone calls and emails don’t have their time to shine.  We encourage agents to utilize these other communication channels when working the ‘My Call List’.  Want to know more? Click here.