What is your conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary based on market, lead source, type and several other factors. However, over the course of 18-24 months, we convert 25-30% of leads with long-term follow up. That’s by far the best in the industry.

Is Smart Alto a bot or do humans talk to your leads?

We recruit, hire, and train real people to set appointments with your leads. We follow scripts, but keep all conversations professional and casual.

What is it?

We help you grow faster at every stage of your funnel with virtual assistants and smart campaigns. We qualify leads from more than 200 sources, set appointments with leads 24/7, and re-engage old leads to convert up to 25% of those who fell through the cracks.

Why do you need it?

You’re trying to scale up your business. Hiring, training, and on boarding ISAs is tedious and time-consuming, leaving you with less time for real sales activities. Our virtual assistants leverage our expertise to set appointments with new leads and bring old leads back to life so your agents get more at-bats with strategic leads.

What makes this different than any other system?

We don’t try to fit your needs into a box - we start with the fundamentals then continually audit and optimize for performance. We have the emotional intelligence to know what to say, and when to say it to leads, but also the resources to follow up until leads tell us to stop contacting them.

Either way, we keep you and your brand top of mind, all the time. Plus we provide real-time reporting with total visibility into our process, activities, and learnings - no mysteries!

What is the work product you should expect?

We set appointments. Virtual assistants respond to new leads within 2 minutes, 24/7. When someone responds, we set an appointment with them ASAP.

If we don’t get a response from our initial text message, you can use our pre-written content to put them on a long-term follow up campaign that last for 24 months.