What are the results with Website Chat?

Expect a 35% increase in lead generation. Nearly 50% of buyers who use live chat set appointments with agents. And 7.5% of qualified live chat leads convert to a transaction. But if that’s not enough proof, then read our reviews.

Why does Website Chat exists?

Website visitors lead to a transaction 3x more frequently than other online leads. But current website chat solutions are not specific to real estate, self-managed, or too expensive for the average agent.

How does Website Chat work?

Inside sales agents proactively engage buyers in conversation only 5 seconds after they visit your website. Qualified buyers set a 15 minute phone appointment that leads to a transaction 7.5% of the time.

Who is Website Chat for?

Realtors who consider their website an important part of their lead generation strategy. It works best for agents who want to deliver a personalized experience while buyers are searching properties on their website.

What is Website Chat?

Smart Alto's Website Chat is how our inside sales agents set 15 minute phone appointments with your website visitors. It's a 24/7 service that delivers a personalized website experience to generates high quality buyers who ultimately convert to a transaction.

Is Smart Alto a bot or do humans talk to leads?

We recruit, hire, and train real people to set appointments with your leads. We follow scripts, but keep all conversations professional and casual.