Hi, I'm Ethan

Your AI powered personal assistant who responds to real estate leads. Leads interact with me as they would to any other person - and I'll answer questions, share property pics & details, and schedule an appointment.

Let me show you how it works...

Pick your lead generation script

Hand-pick your lead generation script from dozens of pre-vetted questions. Add or edit questions to match your brand’s voice, and Ethan will convert sign calls and internet leads into appointments and house tours.

Pro Tip: Agents with high conversion ratios ask open-ended questions to show compassion and understand the client's needs

We give you an SMS short code

Don’t worry about setting anything up, we give you an SMS short code (e.g. 29178) and everything else you need when you start the free trial.

Pro Tip: People love to text. Nearly 98% of Americans send at least one text message each day.

Put our SMS short code everywhere

Use the SMS short code as your main contact number on all your marketing outlets, including Facebook, yard signs, magazines, newspapers and anywhere else you'd like.

Pro Tip: Try texting leads (especially Millennials). Texting has a 98% open rate, email only 20%.

Leads text the SMS short code

Interested leads see your buyer or seller ad. Rather than calling or emailing to request more information, they text the easy to remember short code.

Pro Tip: Engage leads on their terms. Texting is an easy, non-intrusive way for busy professionals to talk while at work or on the go.

Ethan immediately responds to the lead

When leads text the SMS short code, Ethan instantly starts a text message conversation.

Pro Tip: Leads go cold within 5 minutes, so respond quickly or risk losing them forever.

Ethan books a home tour with the lead

Ethan books an appointment or home tour with the lead via text message. He uses 1-click scheduling to find a meeting time that works. Then sends the meeting invite to both you and the lead. No back and forth. No double bookings.

Pro Tip: Book the appointment quickly. Over 70% of leads work with the first agent they meet when they are ready to transact.

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