Use the “How To Get A Response Checklist” to learn the best way to start conversations with online leads from Facebook and 200+ sources.

Discover how to get a response from up to 45% of your online real estate leads.

The 4 magic words you need to in your FIRST text message to guarantee a 15% bump in your response rate.

The ONE SYSTEM you need to respond to leads within 5 minutes, 24/7. (Reminder: Leads go cold after 5 minutes).

Five critical elements of a world-class follow up system. Without these steps, you won't get a positive ROI on your lead generation program.

"This How To Get A Response Checklist will help you start more conversations with online real estate leads, schedule more appointments, and close more deals. You can finally get an ROI from your lead generation program."

– Hassan Riggs CEO & Founder, Smart Alto

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