Use the “Call These Leads First Checklist” to know which real estate leads to prioritize and get the best ROI on your call strategy

3 lead types you must call under all circumstances, and which order to call them (and discover which leads you shouldn’t call).

1 critical element your leads must have before you make them a top priority lead and call them first.

Discover why your 2nd priority leads are just as valuable as your 1st priority leads and what to do about it.

Step #2 is often forgotten but will have the most impact on long-term success. Dont skip this step.

"This Checklist is the only one you'll ever need to develop a high-level call strategy that turbocharges your ROI. Even if you're not dialing for dollars you need this checklist to prioritize your time and maximize results." 

– Hassan Riggs CEO & Founder, Smart Alto

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