Follow up,
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You don’t need a team of Inside Sales Agents to have a great follow up system.

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Powered by People

Real people (not bots or A.I.) send text messages to qualify your leads.

Appointment setting

We integrate with your calendar to schedule 15-minute phone appointments.

Results matter

Leads are qualified with text message and website chat so we set more appointments.

Fast response, long-term follow up

We follow up until leads schedule an appointment or tell us to stop.

Appointment setting system
Why this matters
Why Smart Alto
"I'm on track to close 100+ deals in the past 12 months and Smart Alto is a huge part of my success."
Fred McGill
Broker, Simple Showing

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System makes follow up easy.

Sales assistants schedule appointments for busy agents and growing teams who don't have time to consistently follow up.

Give your agents The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System to help them close more deals.

Instant follow up

Respond 24/7 to leads from any source within 2 mins.

Long-term follow up

Long-term follow up for 52 weeks moves people from stranger to client to friend.

Customize your script

Ask different questions based on lead source and type.

Join the conversation

Read the conversation as it happens or take control with one click.

Appointment setting

Never again speak with tire-kickers. Focus your high value time only on those who want to talk to you.


An array of notifications - from sound to text - allow you to stay in the loop even when you’re busy with other clients.


Faster, cheaper, and more efficient than an inside sales agent.

Any occasion follow up

Anniversaries, home search, client referral, and a dozen more campaigns ready to go.

Why this matters

You only have 5 minutes to respond to a new lead before they go cold and move on to the next agent. And following up fast is important, because 80% of buyers work with the first agent they meet with.

The problem is you don’t have time to consistently follow up with new leads because you’re working with current clients - showing homes, reviewing contracts or finalizing offers.

With the Smart Alto Appointment Setting System, we guarantee you will never miss another opportunity to qualify new leads and schedule 15 minute phone appointments.

Homebuyers demand a fast response

People want instant gratification, so even if you’re busy and away from your phone, online leads expect you to follow up with a personalized message within 2 minutes or they will contact another agent.

Humans are better than robots

Robots are good at crunching numbers but they’re awful at having conversations and qualifying real estate leads. Only humans have the emotional intelligence to ask the right questions in the right way.

The first appointment matters (a lot)

As you know, over 80% of buyers work with the first agent they meet. So if you’re the first agent who meets the buyer, you’re probably going to win the business.

Automated messages and phone calls don’t work

Personal text messages have a better deliverability rate and response rate than emails or phone calls. That’s why sending an automated text message from a CRM, or making harassing phone calls for 5 days won’t improve your ASR (Appointment Setting Rate), but it will annoy your leads.

More Reasons To Love Smart Alto

Build stronger relationships with leads, clients and referrals.

All in One Place

Keep all your leads from different sources in one place

Ready For Mobile

Real estate is a mobile-first industry. We’re a mobile-first company.

Always Personal

Build relationships with your clients with personal text messages

Schedule Messages

Set the day and time your text messages are sent to clients

The easiest way to turn online leads into quality appointments

The Smart Alto Appointment Setting System guarantees your team never misses another sales opportunity.

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