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Facebook Advertising

We create Facebook ads that get people to click, like, share, and comment.

Landing Pages

We build landing pages to convert sellers, buyers, renters, investors and more.

Text Msg Follow Up

We use text msg to follow up with leads from all sources (e.g. Zillow) for up to 36 months.

Schedule Appts.

We schedule your appts. and notify you via text and email.

Offline Marketing

We create & send post cards and calendars to your farm.

Analytics & Reports

We know your numbers - from cost per click to cost per lead.

We do all this for you.
Curated Facebook & Instagram marketing to find seller leads.
Targeted, media rich landing pages that convert seller leads.
Instantly respond to seller leads, & follow up via text & email.
Design, create, and ship post cards and calendars to your farm.
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We use predictive analytics to find qualified leads.

We use data to target leads most likely to move.

We create your Facebook and Instagram ads.

We create ads that get leads to share, and click.

We build targeted, and niche landing pages.

We build landing pages that get leads to convert.

We use text msg to follow up with leads.

We follow up with leads via text for up to 36 months.

Facebook & Instagram marketing

Facebook ads that get people to click & convert.

We create your Facebook ads, and deliver them to the right people at the right time.

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Landing Pages

Landing pages that are niche and SEO-friendly.

We build your highly targeted landing pages that capture email addresses and phone numbers.
Landing pages that convert...

New Listings

Turn visitors into leads with home value estimates.

Motivated Buyers

Target homebuyers with our curated content that converts.


Increase the quality of renter leads and make money faster.

Mortgages Referrals

Easily engage visitors looking to buy, or refinance.


Build your pipeline of investor leads to get more listings.


Use e-books, video, property pictures and more.

And many more...

Nice! What brings you to Jacksonville?Β 

So glad to hear you're interested in 123 Main Street? Tell me Samantha, when would you like to move?

I understand, a lot of people want to be close to the city. Have you determined a budget yet? It's okay if you haven't.

We live in Orlando, but have family in Jacksonville and want to be closer to them.

Thx! Seems like a cool house. My family will love it. We want to move within the next 90 days or so.

We are thinking around 300k, but we are a little flexible.Β 

Being closer to family is fantastic and I can appreciate that. So, is your home in Orlando listed?

Okay, got it. Do you own a home? And if so, do you need to sell your home before you buy a new one?

Makes perfect sense. I'm sure you have some questions about the Jacksonville market and possibly some other homes you haven't seen, right?

Not yet, but we do want to move.

Yes, we own our house. Could you help me sell it for top dollar?

Yea, we've been looking online quite a bit and found some good ones.

Okay, I understand. Have you selected an agent to work with in Orlando or Jacksonville?

Of course, Ashley Parker at Glendale Realty is an expert in this local market. She can help you with all of your real estate needs.

Not all homes are online, so imagine if you haven't seen the best of the best.

Text message follow up

Text messages that qualify leads.

New leads

We instantly respond to leads from all sources, including Zillow,, Facebook, and yard signs.

Existing leads

Give us your list of leads with cell phone numbers and we'll follow up for up to 36 months.
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