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58% Of Buyers Have A Home To Sell. We Show You Who They Are.

Give us 2 minutes and we'll find the buyers in your database with a home to sell and automate your seller email outreach.

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Property Evaluation

Evaluate property with accurate data in 90 seconds.

Property Data
Mortgage Data
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And More...

Lead Generation

Build quality, targeted prospecting list 10x faster!

AI Data Enrichment
Motivated Sellers
Owner Information
And More...

Sales Automation

AI phone calls, emails and texts to set more appointments.

Conversational AI Coming Soon
AI Multi-channel Sequences
Custom Messages Coming Soon
And More...
Property Data
Owner Data
Consumer Data
Mortgage Data
Listings Data
AVM Data
Data Enrichment 
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Property & Owner

Single source of truth for property & owner data.

Slide Into The DMs Of People Who Want To Sell

AI instantly backfills missing mobile phone numbers in your database so you can predictably reach home owners who are ready to sell. 

Always Guaranteed

Use Cases

A few creative ways to evaluate properties, generate leads, and automate marketing using Smart Alto. 

Conversational AI

Call motivated sellers and make live transfers, daily

Coming Soon

Hidden Listings

58% of all buyers have a home to sell. Use AI to find Listings Hiding in Plain Sight

Absentee Owners

Talk to in-state or out-of-state property owners to help them cash in on their asset.

Homeowner vs Renter

Separate the homeowners vs renters in your database

Gen Z Movers

Find owners between 24-32 years old who have lived in their homes 2-5 years. They represent 71% of movers in that age range.

Millennials Movers

Find owners between 33-42 year olds who have lived in their house for four to 10 years. They represent 66% of movers in that age range.

Property Evaluation

Quickly evaluate properties to find the best opportunities to grow your business with industry-leading data.

Senior Downsizers

Connect with empty nesters who live in two stories homes and may want to downsize.

Niche Based Listings

More than 60% of total home sales came from these four groups: veterans, single females, multigenerational households, and senior citizens.

Personalizing Your Messages

Make your outreach personal and relevant by including the address, bd/ba, school district name or 50+ other variables in your message.

Promoting Your Listings

Share your new listing with homeowners in nearby neighborhoods to encourage more selling activity.

Sphere Marketing

Stay in touch with your sphere and inner circle with home value emails, neighborhood event reminders, and GIF emails.

A/B Test

Discover which message or headline or angle works best for different property owners with A/B test.

Automate Your Follow-ups

Ensure consistent and timely sales outreach across email, SMS, phone and social media by automating your tasks.

Monthly Home Value Emails

Establish yourself as an authority by sending home value emails and SMS to property owners in your area.

Home Anniversary Messages

Remind homeowners they don’t pay capital gains tax on the first $250k if they lived in their home the past two years.

Facebook Ads

Download our data to create a custom Facebook audience and run ads to complement your other marketing efforts.

Use Cases