Appointment Setters

Let Us Book Appointments On Your Calendar!

Appointment setters follow up with your leads and book meetings on your calendar.

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Why Do I Need Appointment Setters?

You don’t have time to follow up with leads consistently. So let our highly trained appointment setters do it for you. We focus on booking appointments while you focus on closing deals. 

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Speed to Lead

Follow Up Within 2 Minutes

Speed to lead is important! The faster you contact a new lead, the more likely they are to respond. That’s why we follow up with new leads with 2 minutes of them completing your online form.

Always Available

Follow Up 24/7

Your ideal prospects click ads at inconvenient times. They don’t surf the web only between 9-5 pm. But don’t worry, our appointment setters are available to to connect with your new leads 24/7, 365. 

Phone Appointments

Phone Appointments On Your Calendar

If you’re not talking to qualified prospects on the phone, then you’re also not making money. Our job is to scrub your leads and book 15-minute phone appointments with prospects who want to work with you. 

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AI magically backfills missing mobile numbers, calls prospects, and A/B tests emails to book two appointments daily.

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Slide Into The DMs Of People Who Want To Sell

AI instantly backfills missing mobile phone numbers in your database so you can predictably reach home owners who are ready to sell. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds great, but how much does it cost?

You only pay when an appointment is booked on your calendar. The price per appointment changes based on how many new leads you send us. 

Do you book in person appointments?

No, we only book 15-minute phone appointments.

What makes you different than everyone else?

Our appointment booking process is called BANTAR. It’s a proprietary system that helps us qualify leads without making them feel like they’re being vetted. Hassan, our CEO, used a version of it to set more than 10,000 appointments. 

We believe in our approach so much that we only get paid when an appointment has been set. 

How do you handle leads who don’t book an appointment?

Our first job is to start a conversation with the lead. Once a conversation is started, we qualify the lead to discover if they are a good fit for you. Some are ready to talk now, others may be ready to talk later. We take the “later” leads and put them in the “Future Fit” category to follow up with them at the appropriate time. Some leads we mark as “Dead” or “My Call List” or “Following Up”. It all depends on how they respond to us.

How long do you follow up with new leads?

We follow up until they tell us to stop contacting them or book an appointment. That could take two days or two months.