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Build Quality, Targeted Prospecting Lists 10X Faster!

Find verified emails and direct dial phone numbers of property owners and connect with them across SMS, email, phone, and direct mail.

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Why Do I Need Lead Generation?

A strong pipeline of new leads is the lifeline of your business. With Smart Alto, you can learn more about senior down-sizers, absentee owners, pre-foreclosures, open liens, veterans or more.

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Motivated Sellers

Quickly Find Motivated Sellers In Your Database

Our database of over 250 million prospects and 180 million properties means you can build lists of absentee owners, senior down-sizers, veterans, or other property owners you want to target.

Owner Contact Information

Accurate Property Owner Contact Information

Names, emails, accurate mobile phone numbers, and addresses for property owners and renters. We verify and standardize the data so you can send more emails, make more dials, and send more SMS and direct mailers.

Research Owners
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Research Your Ideal Property Owners

Our database has more than 180 million prospects. It includes data points like household income and net worth, types of charitable contributions, and hobbies like dog lovers, hikers, gardeners, readers, or those who enjoy photography, allowing you to improve your targeting and personalize your outreach. 

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Personal Messages

Personalize Your Messages for Better Results

Each property and owner attribute is also a variable that can personalize your messages. Include the owner’s name, property address, school district name, day of the week, or time of day to 10X your response rates. No other company has this level of advanced personalization – not even close.

Affinity Marketing

Execute Affinity Marketing Campaigns

Affinity marketing is crucial because it allows you to target property owners based on shared interests or preferences, like dog lovers, hiking, photography, running, NASCAR, charitable givers, veterans, and more! It makes your marketing more relevant, which increases the likelihood of building a strong relationship and closing the deal.

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Try Before You Buy!

AI magically backfills missing mobile numbers, calls prospects, and A/B tests emails to book two appointments daily.

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Slide Into The DMs Of People Who Want To Sell

AI instantly backfills missing mobile phone numbers in your database so you can predictably reach home owners who are ready to sell. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to generate quality leads using Smart Alto?

Yes, all you have to do is pick your market and filter by your specific criteria. You can find senior down-sizers, absentee owners, high-interest-rate loans, new parents, high-net-worth owners, and much more!

But you can also target affinity groups (people who share similar interests) like veterans, dog lovers, single females, hikers, wine lovers, photographers, runners, or people who like watching sports like NASCAR or football. 

But that’s not all. We give you verified emails, mailing addresses, and direct dial phone numbers to engage with property owners across email, SMS, phone, social and direct mail. Our data is accurate and can reduce your skip tracking cost by more than 1/3rd. 

What are the benefits of using Smart Alto to generate leads for my business?

Smart Alto does more than help you generate leads. It helps you send the right person the right message through the right channel to maximize your ROI. That means your lead generation is tied to your Property Evaluation, Email & SMS Marketing, Sales Automation, A/B Testing, Data Enrichment, and more!

With Smart Alto….

Verified emails, mailing addresses, and direct dial phone numbers reduce your skip tracking cost by more than 1/3rdEach property and owner has dozens of attributes and characteristics so you can filter senior downsizers, veterans, absentee owners, dog lovers, photographers, and much more!

Not only are attributes available for targeting but also to personalize your sales outreach and marketing.

For instance, you can share the property’s address and estimated value via email or SMS.