What to do with cold drips from your CRM (emails / text messages)

While it is wonderful to have these other tools available we do recommend you stop any additional text message options you have access to. Texting leads from different places can just cause confusion and drop-off. Let Smart Alto do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to text messaging. We will qualify your leads and book appointments all via text message. We will even tell you which leads are not worth pursuing (labelled as ‘Dead’). If you wish to utilize other lead qualifying and follow-up options like phone calls or email, that is totally up to you. We do, however, recommend you leave the texting to us.

How do I contact Lead Source Management (LSM) with questions and issues?

If you are an LSM customer and need assistance regarding your leads, plan or something else, please reach out to support@socialagentbrokeredition.com

Does Smart Alto integration with ______?

We can integrate with dozens of systems and CRM’s through Zapier (see all integrations). We have direct integrations with:

• Follow Up Boss

• Real Geeks

• Sierra Interactive

• Lion Desk

• More to Come!

Can you follow up on old leads?

We sure can!  If you have a list of old leads lying around that you want to engage and qualify, bring them to Smart Alto. These leads are manually uploaded so all you have to provide us with is a CSV file. Ready to start?  Book some time with our team so we can get you set up.

What do you do with leads who don’t respond?

Whether a lead is just busy at work or not ready to talk, we want to make sure we make every effort to speak with them and get an appointment booked.  If a lead is unresponsive for 15 minutes they are moved to the ‘ISA Following Up’ status.  This just means they are now on an automated campaign in the hopes we can start the conversation up again.

Leads are tagged with a corresponding campaign. The campaign will automatically text that lead at set intervals. If the lead texts back at any point, our live assistants will pick the conversation back up and attempt to make an appointment.

Is Smart Alto a bot or do humans talk to leads?

We recruit, hire, and train real people to set appointments with your leads. We follow scripts, but keep all conversations professional and casual.